We offer several options, from final prep/wedding coordination, full & partial service planning to ceremony and reception styling & décor, and will see your vision through from concept to execution. Our staff will handle as much or as little of your wedding events as you wish, including your pre & post wedding celebrations, all while being mindful of your time and budget.

Q: Can I really afford a wedding professional?
A: The important question is, "Can you afford NOT to have a professional?! We understand that with today's economy, many couples are working with smaller budgets. I HIGHLY recommend a "Day-of/Management" mini package, if your budget does not allow a full or partial planning package. You only get one shot at pulling off this wedding, with all that you've envisioned and the hard work that you've put in, why not ensure that your final product is a masterpiece?

Q: How much does this cost, do you work with small budgets?

A: We receive emails and calls daily asking "what will my wedding and décor cost". This is a difficult question to answer in a brief telephone or email exchange. We work with budgets that vary in size and while we are known for producing "bling on a budget", we are always up-front and honest with our clients about the reality of having an event on a small budget. We also provide tips on how to have an affair to remember on your actual budget but remember, if your wedding design ideas are not average then you can not expect your budget to be average.

Q: My venue has a site coordinator, do I really need someone else?
A:Most venues, banquet facilities and hotels have staff, which in addition to other duties, also act as on-site coordinators. Their main concern is making sure their property is taken care of. While most are extremely professional and experienced, their MAIN priority is their venue. Their job relates to your particular event, their venue, contracts, BEOS and regulations. Their job is not to help you with other vendors or design in the months leading that lead up to your event. Furthermore, the catering manager typically leaves once the meal service has ended.

Q: My florist/DJ also offers "Day Of Coordination", can't I just stick with them?

A: Will your florist-coordinator be able to deal with last minute changes to your guest list, vendor cancellations or other last-minute changes that frequently happen the week of the wedding when they need to be at the floral warehouse, processing flowers and creating your floral designs? Will your off-premise caterer, facility coordinator, florist or DJ "coordinator" know that your (hair/makeup stylist, photographer, or limo) hasn’t arrived at your destination on time? And if you, as the client, are the one to let them know, what would they do, considering that they have their "own" job to do? How will your "DJ-planner" or "florist-planner" handle overseeing other vendors’ load-in and set-up when they have their own set-up to perform? What happens when all of your vendors arrive at the curb at the same time to unload and there is only parking for two cars? Having an assistant is not the answer. Bringing in a professional wedding coordinator is the answer. As we are hired to oversee the entire event, that is our job. We represent only the client’s best interest. It is not in their job description to confirm your vendors, run your rehearsal, oversee the vendors on your wedding day, cue you down the aisle at your ceremony, create a timeline that deals with issues outside of their one service or product, or make sure all of the day’s events are running according to schedule.

Q: How many events/weddings do you work per day?
A: One. In addition to ensuring that our valued clients and their guests receive the attention that they deserve, we also want to ensure that our staff is refreshed and ready to provide the best in management services.

        our love story is different from any other, so of course you want your wedding to be a reflection of everything that defines you

individually as a couple. We strive to ensure that our clients' experiences are as unique as they are and that they're a part of the festivities with their guests.

Our experienced Wedding Team can not only help you with a seamless and enjoyable planning process, but they can also allow you the opportunity to truly soak in the once-in-a-lifetime memories of your big day.